Sergio Mauri

As a good Latin guy, some of the important things for Sergio Mauri are rhythm and passion for music.
Born under the sign of Virgo in 1982 he is one of the great DJs of his generation creating explosive musical mixtures. He has also been a producer of numerous songs, winning the NIGHT STAR AWARD 2009 prize for the best Italian producer. Sergio Mauri gives off the charisma and is full of energy and we see that in all his interventions.

In a few years, he performed in the best clubs in Italy and throughout Europe. He collaborates with numerous magazines and websites specialized in music. It is a figure and goes for all with this new theme called Samba de Rio, where we practically move to the beaches of Rio de Janeiro letting the imagination fly, with a base rhythm of Brazilian inspiration and perfect to give everything in the tracks of dance. By all accounts, Sergio has set his sights far beyond the Atlantic to eat the world. 


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