Tony Vendder

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Tony Vendder is a French DJ and Electronic music producer ( Civil name Anthony Coquelin )

Tony Vendder started mixing for fun at the age of 16 and had his first production out when 21 years old. Living as a DJ, touring Clubs, Bars and Festivals all over France, the first bigger job came in 2011 when Tony (with his twin brother) was musically responsible for the Pride festival in Anger – first time running and performing a big stage.

Before ending up as a DJ, Tony studied piano and that is still one of his passions, but he also likes pop and dance music. Over time – the piano has been swapped to a midi keyboard – and it is an advantage being a DJ with piano skills. Tony Vendders “home stage” is the Club L’insolite in Angers, France where he takes all opportunities to collaborate with, guest DJ’s especially in the Electro genre.


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