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Nightfreaks is a project founded by dutch Producer Martijn Sietsema. Martijn produced " Different life" "Ain't no use to me", " What's holding you back" "Keep on Walking and with his "music" partner Rick Moor they produced together " Head in the Clouds" Vocals by Jess Hayes and written by Rob Davis. He was responsible for very big hits in the past for famous artists like Kylie Minogue, 4 Strings, Atomic Kitten, Mika, Spiller and Move & Motion. Martijn also produced for the track “Forgive me” also with vocals of Jess Hayes. For Eastpack he produced their singles ”Airborne” and “Bring the house down”, both big hits around the globe. Martijn is also a member of the group "Lightfreaks and " Move & Motion" Martijn did also many productions as "Ghost producer" for many DJ's and artists. Nightfreaks is focussed on making true music for the future.


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