Established in 2015, Zephytone is the youngest Electronic POP music duo from INDIA, which consists of the producer and vocalist - Sayan and Zephyr.

In early 2017, they released their now-viral single ‘Only You’.
Inspired by current pop sounds and soft lyrics, the track made the audience thrilled. With the big hit “Only you”, Zephytone was the honour to be featured on MTV Asia alongside Justin Bieber, Backstreet Boys, David Guetta, Fifth Harmony, Bastille.

A load of their tracks are in the top-ten of the big Playlists in Europe and Asia like "Hear me", "Fun" with Shane Hendrix, " Dance the Pain Away" and many more...
And now, Zephyrtone returns with a catchy pop single ALONE which will blow your mind away.
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Nacido en 2016, Zephyrtone es uno de los grupos electrónicos más jóvenes y de más rápido crecimiento, formado por el dúo de productores y vocalistas Sayan y Zephyr. Componen, cantan, escriben y producen su propia música.

El single de debut de Zephyrtone, "Only You", que obtuvo más de 10 millones de visitas y más de 80.000 comparticiones, disparó su carrera musical. Desde entonces, Zephyrtone ha lanzado una serie de canciones pop como "Dance The Pain Away", "Hear Me" y "Fun", por nombrar solo algunas. Este "Miss you" es el último lanzamiento en su prometedora carrera.


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