Almost all kids are dreamers, but there are few who chase them, two childhood friends stand out from the lot with a success story of dreams coming true

Launched in 2015, Zephyrtone is one of the youngest and fastest rising electronic actists which consists of the producer and vocalist - Sayan and Zephyr.

Their journey started by making covers of their favorite artists such as Coldplay, Guns N Roses, Zedd to name a few

In 2016, 'Zephyrtone' released their Debut EP - 'Shooting Stars', which started getting them noticed by industry tastemakers and fans alike. In early 2017 they released their now viral single 'Only You'. The track has already gained more than 10.4 million views and got picked up globally on MTV Asia, VH1 and distribution networks. They have played at some of the biggest music festivals like Sunburn Festival, Mood Indigo (festival)

Touring constantly across the Asian Region and taking it by storm, Zephyrtone’s energetic performances are making crowds dance like never before. Sayan's productions and Zephyr's voice fuse together to create an exceptional soundscape of covers, remixes as well as original tracks

Zephyrtone always devotes to every show they perform so they have built a lot of fan following in a very short time!


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