Winter Hitz 2021

This year's Winter Hitz loaded with EDM, Tech House, Deep House - music for the winter season - for clubbing, dance, and amusement in the snow - also, have a look at the action loaded music videos, some with Extreme Winter Sport and cool music.

Our seasonal playlist is ready with fantastic new tracks from DKNI, M1CKY, Tony Vendder Sidney Housen, The Klubbfreak etc. - Winter Hitz is one of our oldest playlist brands. The series started in 2009 and every year since an edition either focusing on Extreme Winter Sport, Family gathering in the snow, or "wild after-ski- parties". The 2021 edition is a mixed "greatest" club hitz and new tracks, all songs have been used in Extreme Sports connections over the years - check out the playlist below or find your streaming service at the top buttons.

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