Kery Fay - Someone New

Someone New

Release: August 31, 2018
Kery Fay -a beautiful German singer, and songwriter- continues her story with her new single " Someone new". Get it on our streaming formats below!

After her successes of the song "Secrets", Kery Fay - singer, and songwriter from Hamburg presents her new single "Someone new". 

After her debut single "Running" (2014) and her first EP "Otherside" (2016), she continues her very own interpretation of Electro-Pop and reveals herself in her self-written songs more personal than ever: with concentrated emotions, real and full depth. 

"After some recent very formative encounters and experiences, this time with my music I give an even deeper insight into my inner life. I show what moves me and let my feelings run free. Open and without fear, to show personal sides of me, "says the artist. Accordingly powerful are their new synth mixes, all charged with powerful beats and various instrumental elements that pulsate and sweep.


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