Kilian Taras & The Vegas

The One

Release: September 21, 2018
Kilian Taras is an Italian DJ producer behind “Crazy Trumpet” which was 3 weeks on Top Ten at iTunes Dance Chart. He just released his new single “The one” with The Vegas and Bodhi Jones. Get the music below!

KILIAN TARAS is an Italian DJ producer of electronic dance music his real name is Mario Lovieno. He collaborated with many singers from worldwide and he released tracks on famous labels such as Ego Music (Italy), Blanco y Negro (Spain), Clipper's Sounds (Spain)…

In 2017 his productions were the cover “Time of my life” that was shared by many famous channels on YouTube and it gets a lot of views ; ”Jazzy” that was licensee in Italy, Germany, Austria, Swiss, Spain, Portugal and Mexico; and “Crazy Trumpet” that was for 3 weeks on Top Ten iTunes Dance Chart Italy.
In January 2018 was born his label KIMA Music.

THE VEGAS is an Italian electronic music band with experience as musicians, composers, and producers.

The main aim of the band is to create a new style of music that can reach the hearts of people with new engaging sounds and new elaborated melodies with a single goal "to make music listenable in radio and danceable in clubs”.

In summer 2017 released the new single of the band called "Crazy Trumpet" with Kilian Taras on the famous label Molto Recordings that was in the TOP TEN on the Itunes Italian Dance Chart for a few weeks.

The inspiration music genres are: Deep House, House, Nu Disco and Electronica


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