Elton Smith & Chris Odd

Fly Away

Release: September 21, 2018
Odd & Smith, Dutch | Australian DJ and producer duo – whose single “ Hold You Down “was on charts all over the world (and still is). They continue cooperating on the new project “ Fly away”. Take a listen and get into their magical music!

Chris Odd (born Chris Swijnenberg) was born in Arnhem (Netherlands) and has spent 18 successful years as a DJ. He is known as the person who makes the combination of deep, tech, latin and vocal-house, Always plays surprisingly and energetically to please the dancefloor!
Elton Smith is a DJ and Electronic Music Producer from Melbourne, Australia. Elton's first introduction into electronic music production came in 2010 after releasing his debut EP on Eclesia records. Elton has DJed extensively throughout Europe, Asia, and Australia.
Chris Odd & Elton Smith come from vastly different backgrounds but share the same passion for groovy, catchy house music. With a handful of singles from Chris Odd in the collaboration with Elton Smith, it looks like it becomes their year. Cooperation projects, production for other artists and songwriting - you can't avoid hearing a lot more from these two gentlemen. Driven by passion and not willing to rest on their laurels, a steady stream of upcoming releases means this duo is one to look out for in 2018.


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