Nightfreaks feat Jess Hayes

Head In The Clouds

Release: October 12, 2018
Nightfreaks - music veterans, a producer behind hits like ”Airborne”, “Bring the house down”, a songwriter team Rob Davis | Sietsema along with Jess Hayes - a young versatile singer releases "Head In The Cloud" at October 12th. Get the music below.

Jess Hayes
Jess Hayes is 21-year-old singer from London. She has a classic strong voice with a modern edge. Jess was mainly influenced by her parents, who are professional rock and blues musicians. She grew up listening to artists from all styles, including Christina Aguilera, Stevie Nicks, and Led Zeppelin. This love of all styles has made her a very versatile singer with a hint of each in her voice.

Nightfreaks is the production moniker of Dutch DJ Martijn Sietsema.
After playing records from a wide variety of artists he became part of the act Double M. They produced and released the single “Sounds Of Revolution” which was picked up by a number of radio stations and earned him his first production credits. This allowed Martijn to continue as both producer and ghost producer. His latest projects include the cooperation with and Jess Hayes called “Forgive me” and the collaboration with Eastpack on their singles ”Airborne” and “Bring the house down”, both big hits around the globe.
Nightfreaks is focussed on making true music for the future.

Dong Hong 2019-01-09 03:31:06
I am a freak for this chorus!!! More songs?

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