Digital Kay - New Year Edition


Release: December 21, 2018
A special edition for the New Year, 2019 - Fireworks from Digital Kay

Digital Kay started developing his producing and musical skills at a local Belgian radio station in 2002. It didn’t take much time before he played at numerous local parties and small festivals and guest radio sets, also running a programming blog called Digital Night, made him consider his future music works. In 2009 Digital Kay started to release his music and made remixes for other artists.
His first release "Feel Like" (2009) was a collaboration with Lomezz. He had some popular instrumental tracks: Heroes, Background, Fireworks...  He currently does his full Vocal productions and gets many praises from the audience and music experts: "Don't look back, Love" and the third upcoming single - "Magical"

FIREWORKS is a special edition for the New Year, 2019- Digital Kay gives to all of the audience, who always follow and encourage him.


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