Lorenz Koin feat. Lion D

I'm Flying

Release: March 22, 2019
Lorenz Koin is an Italian EDM DJ & Prod. The new single by LORENZ KOIN & LION D. is called "I'm Flying." A catchy, fresh record, a melody adapts to the radio and hits you hear right away. Check it out!

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Lorenz Koin was born in 1987 in Vigevano (PV), Italy. Since he was a child, he showed a big interest in the music scene, thanks above all to the passion transmitted by his parents. Ultimate high schools, at 19 years old he started his career like DJ in local clubs near Pavia-Piacenza (Italy) and other private parties in North of Italy. In 2014, at 27 years old he started a new interesting way, as a music producer, with one of his best friends, under another pseudonym. At the beginning of 2017, he started his new fresh project "Lorenz Koin" through which he’s collecting positive feedbacks, and important radio plays. His last dance single “Baby Boy” with the Turin singer Norah B. at the beginning of 2018, is now on heavy rotation in Italian radios like m2o and many more. New singles work in progress...stay tuned! His DJ sets range from the pop/dancehall to the hardest EDM (bigroom, melbourne, etc ..)

The new single by LORENZ KOIN & LION D. is called "I'm Flying." A catchy, fresh record, a melody that hits you right away. Very adapted to the radio, it has all the credentials to become one of the pieces that we will hear for most of 2019. The record is accompanied by a very nice video that traces all the steps of the DJ producer: the idea, the meeting with the singer, the recording studio, the track, the success and ...THE FLIGHT! I'M FLYING. Don' t let anyone take your dream away


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