Kery Fay - Lights


Release: March 15, 2019
German singer, and songwriter from Hamburg. Kery is coming out with her new single "Lights" as a preview to the coming album "Lights & Shadows." Furthermore, the Producer | Remixer - Scotty created some funky, upbeat and "groovy." remixes. Have a look.

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Kery Fay - a singer, and songwriter from Hamburg.
After her debut single "Running" (2014) and her first EP "Otherside" (2016), she continues her very own interpretation of Electro-Pop and reveals herself in her self-written songs more personal than ever: with concentrated emotions, real and full depth. 
Kery Fay is going out with her new single "Lights" 25th of January as a preview to the coming album "Lights & Shadows" to be released in February.
Lights is also the most important song on the album for the artist, as it stands for the end of a big love...
The producer and the remixer (Scotty) nevertheless created versions which are positive, funky and "groovy." So the song stands also for positive emotions, electropop, and powerful beats. On top, there will be some acoustic versions on the album which are showing the great talent and possibilities of Kery...


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