Mind World & Melo

Like Dance Machine

Release: March 15, 2019
Mind World is a new artist. His new track -" Like Dance Machine" along with Rapper Mélo ( well known in France with several Gold Disc) the first time releases through Toco International.


Mind World by his real name Santos Manuel, passionate about music from his youngest age - 15 years ago he falls on a demo of a friend DJ with scratch pass passes is he finds it magical.

At 20 years old, a friend suggested he start mixing with him in clubs and that's the liberation. 2 years later he becomes resident in his first club.

He discovers his musical style: the deep house and nu-disco he loves the mix of style. 5 years later, he made a name is already become set and already resident it allows him to pass that own music to each set.

He meets Mélo a rapper well known in France many times gold disc and it discusses together an idea and this idea becomes: Like dance machine
They send their demos to a very big international label: Toco International who spot the potential of this new artist. 


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