Sexycools, Audiosonik ft. Ne-Yo - U R the One

The remix

Release: April 5, 2019
A bunch of additional mixes from Marc Kiss, Sawo, Crystal Rock & Felix Schorn - all with versatile careers in Pop, Dance & DJ'ing the mixes is just for you to enjoy!

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A new pop-collaboration, Ne-Yo with Sexycools & Audiosonik launches the song "U R the One" written by NE-YO, and he's also on lead vocal.

Ne-Yo is one of the most acclaimed R&B artists of the 2000s, Ne-Yo entered the mainstream as a songwriter with hits like Beyoncé’s “Irreplaceable”, Rihanna’s “Take a Bow”, Christina Milian’s “I’m Sorry”, Calvin Harris “Let’s Go”, but his cooperation with Pitbull on songs like “Give Me Everything” & “Time Of Our Lives” is maybe the songs bringing him out to the broader masses.

His resent cooperation with Sexycools and Audiosonik gives us the single “U R the One”.
Sexycools has made a success with official remixes of “The Rhythm Of The Night” & “Baby Baby” by Corona, whereas the Italian Producer and DJ Audiosonik have a more “music-business-inside” carrier - with hundreds of remixes and collaborations throughout the industry.


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