Elio Foglia


Release: April 26, 2019
An Italian Dj/Producer - popular with: "Keep Me With You", "Skyline", "Here and Now"... His music has great potential for Pop radio. If you're a fan of 90's club piano, you can't go past Elio Foglia.

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Elio Foglia Neapolitan since January 1989, was only sixteen when he bought the first console and began to run the first records. From its preferences for House music with influences from the EDM world are born energetic and passionate set that captured the audience of some of the most important clubs of Italy.
From September 2015 it became one of the resident DJs of Arenile Bagnoli in Naples. His music has an attitude for the radio but gives great energy on the dance floor.

After the publication of various promo, he released his first single "My Salvation" in collaboration with Helen, produced by Starlight Record and distributed by Saifam in 2015. Next, he released "Skyline" and "Keep me with you" in 2016, "Here and now" in 2017. "Skyline" has climbed the charts in Spain and Germany, and "Here and now" has a great success in ASIA, in rotation on MTV.

If you're a fan of 90's club piano you can't go past the good styling of Elio Foglia.


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