Fred Karato Vs Vince M

No Comment

Release: April 26, 2019
Fred Karato is one of the most used saxophonists on the Parisian and the international electro dance scene. "No Comment" sounds to us like a real summer hit. The track is nr 1 on the new Pop Hitz playlist!

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Fred Karato is one of the most coveted saxophonists of the Parisian and international electro scene, solicited by many Artists and DJs.
Always looking for new trends, he surfs the electro and acoustic wave with humility and authenticity. A physical stage game, on the edge of the acrobatic, an incredible communication with the public, a huge capital sympathy, allows Fred Karato to overheat the Dancefloors and amply deserve his status as an exceptional showman.
New Single "No Comment" Vs Vince M. World Release, February 28, 2019.


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