Crazy Sir G feat. Victor Siva

The Power of the Moment

Release: May 8, 2018
"His enthusiasm, taste of music and performance make any crowd go wild and have the time of their lives" this is Crazy Sir-G. An amazing collaboration between Crazy Sir G and Victor Siva - " The power of the moment" brings much emotion and energy!

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Serge was born in Belgium as the 5th son of a family of 8.
He becomes a gymnastics champion at the age of 16 and as a break-dancer, he does not hesitate to perform in the streets to get noticed.
His love for dance and music makes him leave school at that same age and after getting noticed by a producer he forms the group “BB Jerome and the Bang Gang” during the ‘90s.
Right now Serge has over 25 years of experience working in the music industry. He did gigs and jobs with multiple other artists over the years, all over the world.
Crazy Sir-G’s trademarks exceed the normal turntable qualities. During his set, you will often find him on stage performing acrobatic stunts and entertaining the crowd. Knowing which song is coming up next and mixing his own beats he’s able to perform stunning acts and dance moves. This is what makes Crazy Sir-G into such a wanted DJ and entertainer for events. 


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