Danzel Feat. Dirty Little Jam

Pump It Up (15th Anniversary)

Release: April 30, 2019
Exactly 15 years ago, the world was flooded by the magical words "Pump It Up"... Now exactly 15 years later Danzel present to you: Pump It Up - Get ready to PUMP IT UP all over again!

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Belgian house, techno and dance musician Danzel is known world-wide for a row of successful singles: "You Are All Of That," "Pump It Up!", "Put Your Hands Up in the Air!" and "My Arms Keep Missing You"...

April 2004… Exactly 15 years ago, Danzel sent a shockwave through the landscape with the release of “Pump it up”. The track was released worldwide and ruled the charts in an amazing number of countries. Even today, there is not a living soul on the planet, that doesn’t know the uplifting banger. Young or old(er), it’s always a classic at any kind of party.

Now, exactly 15 years later, Danzel is ready to surprise us once again with a very unexpected version of his 2004 classic, including a club edit.


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