Curteez Feat Senz


Release: May 31, 2019
Not a debut, but second Afro-house / reggaeton single out from Curteez this time with Carribean sing-toaster Senz

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Arriving in Holland from Curacao back in '95, after 'ROCKING' the coolest and biggest clubs, beaches & radio-stations on the island, CURTEEZ had more in mind and started to expand his network, growing as an “All-round”, "Eclectic", "Classics"- and “Dance/House” -DJ.

Nowadays he works alongside producer "Superflex” on his new beats! Characteristic for CURTEEZ is the way he mixes Funky-, Latin-, Electro- & Groovy House-music all into one amazing flow, guaranteed to keep crowds on the dance-floor for as long as he’s busy behind the "wheels" using his incredible skills. CURTEEZ is also an expert in all-round parties, mixing 80’s/90’s/R&B/Hip-Hop/House (funky, Latin, groovy, electro) & more, in a matter that is unique.

His massive experience, skills, and musical-knowledge will be heard in every set he plays for sure. It’s fair to say that this DeeJay is the“The master with a plan” :-). Watch him!

Exactly two years ago, the instrumental of 'Fly' was born but not yet released. CURTEEZ was waiting for someone with the right style, mindset and voice to fill it up. His name is SENZ. Together, CURTEEZ & SENZ took up a little story in our daily lives, just to make the ladies aware that "men are willing to "FLY" for di body".  We hope you'll enjoy it!!


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