Eddy Wata - For Love

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Release: July 12, 2019
The new summer single from Eddy is produced by the famous “Mr Tune” of Tune/Lib, It's a summer track, and we have already good streaming action on the song! Give it a spin!

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Eddy Wata is most probably the longest internationally established artist produced in Italy. Since his arrival in Italy, from native Nigeria, in 2002, the Nigerian/Jamaican artist had a very long string of singles with international success starting with his first single "Jam" until the most recent "I Wa Le Wa" included on the album "My Dream" as well as some of his most popular hits such as "I Love My People", "I Like The Way", "Señorita" and "Superstar". The new single goes in a new direction which takes Eddy back to the part of his roots, Jamaica. "Shake Your Bom Bom" is a reggae/pop single which, long before its release, was licensed to several countries. The potential of this song is written and confirmed by all the international labels that put an option on it.

He remains greatly popular in Nigeria and many African countries, in Italy, France, Spain, Belgium, Netherlands, in Scandinavian and Eastern European countries, in Brazil, the Middle East up to the Far East.


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