Kelly Rey

Another Sky

Release: August 2, 2019
Classical trained Kelly is from Argentina, singing opera and playing Chello. You should take a close listen to the Tropical House version of Another Sky - awesome!

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Originally from Argentina, Kelly Rey was born in Piedmont.

At the age of six, she began her musical career by studying solfeggio in specific introductory schools to the Conservatory in her area. Then she started studying singing after meeting songwriter, author and teacher, originally Sandra Lomonaco of Sicilian origins, who provided Soprano with a richer, more refined tonality.

However, her desire to know music at a 360-degree level has led here to follow various specialization courses, even Jazz with singer Lidia Geldi, which has brought her closer and closer to the soprano colouring technique, Gospel Harmonization and Fry-Harmony R&B.

Today Kelly Rey collaborates with several authors, composing both songs and vocal melodies of her songs.


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