Cheryl Tugade - Backseat


Release: November 15, 2019
Cheryl - a 16-year old singer rapper songwriter - first out in the Nordic region with an indie-pop song "BACKSEAT". It has a sad chill electronic vibe to it, expressing feelings of loneliness and detachment through simple but relatable lyrics.

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Cheryl is a 16-year old singer rapper songwriter, whose music on themes like self-reflection, love, and acceptance offers a refreshing take as seen from the lens of a young adult. She was born in the Philippines but spent most of her life in Singapore and is now based in the United States.

Her flair for writing started at a young age and her love for poetry led her towards rap. She wrote her first song Human Like You at 12 but didn't share it until she felt comfortable with a group of friends, who then encouraged her to pursue music.

Her experiences and her friends' inspired her to write songs that speak from the heart. Raw. Honest. Young. She hopes that listeners would find solace in her lyrics. Her success in Backseat, which is about moving on, has sparked her interest to produce more and make them available through the various platforms.


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