Arnny Montana - Na Na Na

Arnny Montana - Na Na Na

Release: January 24, 2020
Spanish DJ and Producer, with a new summer, hit for 2020 Autumn 2019 most scandalous song and video mixing Indonesian food with, ya...Check it out... :-)

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Arnny Montana - a Spanish DJ and Entertainer, known among other things for songs like El Baile De La Yuca ( along with Julito El Rey De Cuba ).

Loading up for the spring and summer of 2020 - here is Arnny's contender to a new summer anthem - judge for yourself, but the song is truly catchy.  

Nasi Goreng was pushed forward as a new crazy summer dance "plague", 2019 and for you who have seen the video ( below here ) want to clarify that Nasi Goreng is Indonesian rice and chicken dish - and nothing else, no double meanings - as we know of...!


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