Release: June 22, 2018
A pop-duo with a vast hit catalog under their belt - in the Nordic region they have not really had any bigger successes - the closest might be "Hey Boy" or resent single - Endless Days

Verona is a Czech pop duo comprising composer and performer Petr Fider and singer Markéta Jakšlová. They began performing together in 2001. Their first album, "Náhodou" ("By Chance") was released in 2002.

They have recorded four albums as of 2017. Their music is in the pop and dance genres, with elements of House and Trance. In 2011, they made their first direct English-language song - without first making it in their local language, "Hey Boy", it charted in several European countries.

You can download the music below - pictures & metadata on the right side!


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