Wonderloop - Keep On Dancing


Release: March 27, 2020
French DJ and producer behind "Set It Off" with Chris Willis and "I'll Change My World". Wonderloop - who come back very strong after his terrible car accident is now focused on making his dream come true.

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Wonderloop of his real name Luc Roubaud, was born in Marseille in the south of France He lives of his passion since his adolescence. He performs as a DJ in the biggest clubs in the region; He started production at the age of 20 and chained the hits in France several gold records and number of clubs a few years ago his career and stopped for some time following a terrible car accident that left him in a wheelchair all his life he decides to come back even stronger with his new Project Wonderloop first single from the group Wonderloop & Chris Willis: set it off Chris Willis who is the official singer of David Guetta… the 2 singles a superb song with Macy singer he met during an evening and the contact was immediate Franck from south prod and Macy proposes a project which will give the title: I'll change my world which gives the new title of Wonderloop Feat Macy: I'll change my world signer in France and Belgium at Space party / Mmc and dear international toco for the world, a new adventure begins…. News Single Wonderloop Feat Mendy: keep on dancing…. Big duet with Gibson Brothers Wonderloop & Gibson Brothers: CUBA 2K20


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