Cliff Scholes

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Release: June 26, 2020
Young UK talent, already shown he master uptempo melodic pop production, via his celebrated mix of HEAVY HEART from Chris Odd - give it up for Cliff - this is a hit!

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UK Northwest based producer, studio engineer, songwriter, artist Cliff Scholes brings his flavour of dance, pop to the masses.

He was raised on a range of music from 80s pop, to reggae by his Parents; who were musicians. He was given a keyboard at the age of 10 and let loose to see if he would like it or have any talent.

Safe to say he took to it like a duck to water. As he got older, he was in many bands and was ready to make the next step into studio engineering to learn to more technical side of music and its magic.

He became a massive fan of dance music in the 90s with the likes of "the prodigy" and many "trance" type tracks. And became good at making music for others in the industry, starting with doing radio jingles.

Then moving on to work with pop singers doing remixes with the likes of the known producer/Songwriter Rob Davis. And is now ready to put all his music love to making tracks for himself to release. And come out of the background.


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