Zephyrtone - Hurts Like Hell

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Release: July 31, 2020
EN|ES INFO BELOW Here’s the new pop/dance single ‘Hurts Like Hell’ from Zephyrtone. Their signatures teen-pop tunes with a catchy lyric come together with a sweet/bitter vibe of the video. Make sure you have checked it out.

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‘Hurts Like Hell’ is a song where lovers are reminiscing about the good old times they’ve spent together. Since this pandemic has put pressure on many relationships, especially for those couples who don’t live together and couldn’t meet each other for months. It’s such an agonising feeling that your heart is slowly being carved out of your heart by a butter knife and replaced with unsatisfactory video calls and blinking chat windows. So we decided to write a song for them, for their feelings, so they could express it through this song.

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"‘Hurts Like Hell’" es una canción en la que los amantes recuerdan los buenos tiempos que pasaron juntos. Desde que esta pandemia ha puesto presión en muchas relaciones, especialmente para aquellas parejas que no viven juntas y no pudieron conocerse durante meses. Es una sensación tan agonizante que el corazón va siendo esculpido lentamente por un cuchillo de untar; ahora tocan las videollamadas insatisfactorias y ventanas de chat parpadeantes. Así que estos chicos de India decidieron escribir una canción para ellos, para expresar sus sentimientos a través de esta canción.


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