Stefano Fucili - Una Bella Giornata

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Release: October 2, 2020
In Italy, Stefano is already known, not least for his Children's TV programs. Last summer we released BALLARE BALLARE, and this year Bella Bella - this single is a warm-up for the soon to come album.

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Stefano Fucili - Italian Songwriter, guitarist, composer, and known in Italy for his sharp pop productions - but mostly loved by generations of Italian children for his famous children's TV programs and productions. Some of his programs and songs has been seen more than 20 million times on YouTube
As a writer, he has written themes for "Missing" ( ABC USA ), "Madam Secretary" (CBS USA), just to mention the most well known..and also a long list of cartoons.
He has released 7 albums (Peter Pan, Tristano, and Isotta, Vita Libera, Italian Pop, Little Italy - Christmas Songs), and several free-standing singles. 
His songs and productions are slowly becoming known and popular outside Italy with tracks like "Ballare Ballare" and from this summer the track ( and video ) "Bella Bella Bella". End September, a previously unreleased album LITTLE ITALY has been made available in the Nordic Region.

Now a new milestone is on its way - a new album October 2020 where the first single Una Bella Giornata, will be released 2nd October.


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