Zoen - Rise Up

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Release: October 23, 2020
ZONE is a musical project and music production team including Italian singer/producer Foresta and producer/multi-instrumentalist Dan Cavalca. They combined dance, deep house, pop very well via a rich bassline. Stay tuned in "Rise Up".

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ZOEN is a musical project and music production team born in 2018 when singer/producer Foresta joined forces with producer/multi-instrumentalist Dan Cavalca

Musically active in the Italian scene for a few years now, they both developed their craft in the US. They studied and worked there to finally reach the international sound that is now the main trait of their music productions.

Since their collaboration started they have worked for several artists from Northern Italy and signed songs along with authors from major labels.

The aim of the project ZOEN is to earn a space in the national and international music scene as a songwriting/production team, as well as a music project in its own right.


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