Raxx$ Afro

From Nothing 2 Something

Release: April 30, 2021
EN/ES Info below. Zambian-born RAXX$ Afro is about to make a name for himself with a unique rap and production form he expects to get some extra attention.

RAXX$ AFRO is Originally a Zambian-born artist with foreign types of styles attracting all kinds of music genres and has always had a passion for music and making new different sounds that the world has yet to pay attention to. He has a very unique style of how to delivers his music and loves his fans all over the world.


The EP「FROM NOTHING 2 SOMETHING」was inspired by the authentic lifestyle of RAXX$ AFRO. He used to work so hard and released singles before which caught a little attention but now doors are opening up for him, he has decided to take it to the next level with this first E.P and will be working on so many great releases after that.


He started his musical journey when he was only 12 years old through recording with his friends and slowly started making his way up to the top through doing shows and promoting his music and this turned out great for him as many people were able to listen and give a good response to it.


Right now he wants to increase his fan base by doing shows all over the globe as he feels the world needs to know Who Raxx$ Afro is and listen to a new sound. He always stays humble and only focuses on spreading nothing but positivity through his great music and touching many souls.



RAXX$ AFRO, un artista nacido en Zambia. Se sirve de diferentes ritmos que atraen a todo tipo de variados géneros musicales. Es un apasionado de la música y trata siempre de innovar con sonidos diferentes. Tiene un estilo muy singular y ama a sus fans de todo el mundo. 

El EP「FROM NOTHING 2 SOMETHING」 se inspira en el auténtico estilo de vida de RAXX$ AFRO. Antes trabajaba muy duro y lanzaba singles que llamaban la atención, pero ahora que se le están abriendo las puertas, ha decidido pasar al siguiente nivel con este primer E.P y piensa tener muchos otros grandes lanzamientos después.


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