DJ Jump ft. Gretha Elis & The Bleach


Release: January 3, 2018
Sikania from DJ Jump, the original version and all the remixes

DJ Jump, born in 1977, an established Italian DJ / Producer of national and international dance successes. Thanks to his amazing skills, in 2011 he created the J-Art project that will give him a lot of satisfaction. The single "Boom Beat" and the official remix of "The Champions of the World" were songs that raised its popularity.
2014 marks the beginning of a new collaboration for DJ Jump, debuting with the song "Keep On Fightin", this time accompanied by the beautiful voice of Sushy.
The group's successes continue also in 2015, with "Alchemical Love" the J-Art project is flanked by the voice of Rebecca S. while the new "Brothers of the Light", in collaboration with Dino Brown, inaugurates the beginning of the new winter season.


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