Love Is a Drug (USA Lobby Prior Remixes)

Release: October 11, 2018
The breakthrough single from MIR3 from last year.

“Love Is a Drug” features the mesmerizing voice of MRS, who has been writing songs professionally since she was 15, and by now has worked together with Iggy Azalea, Shontelle, Janet Jackson and other world-famous artists.
Produced by Paul Barra, who’s already worked with artists of major labels from around the world, “Love Is a Drug” is destined for international success. The author – David Lhoták – is mainly known for his projects in "dream house", euro dance, and techno, and his name is established well beyond the borders of his homeland of Czech Republic.
It’s a collaboration between young global talent, that will get your feet moving the moment you hear it. Put your volume up and enjoy streaks of hypnotic voice, unforgettable beat, and lush tunes, all combined in “Love Is a Drug” by MIR3 feat. MRS.


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