Jess Hayes

This Love

Release: May 3, 2022
The first single from Jess Hayes

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London based 23-year-old singer Jess Hayes brings edgy powerful vocals. She was raised on rock and blues music by her musician parents; who have their own band.

She would go along to their gigs as much as she could grow up and knew singing was exactly what she wanted to do. Christina Aguilera was Jess’ contrasting favorite. She became hooked on her ad-libs and power and practiced singing her ‘Back To Basics’ album every day. She discovered her love of dance music when she started working with well-known Producer/Songwriter Rob Davis, in the age of 18. Jess has intertwined her love of rock and blues, soul and pop music to create a unique harmonious sound.

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El cantante londinense Jess Hayes, de 23 años de edad, aporta una voz poderosa y vanguardista. Fue criada en el rock y el blues por sus padres músicos, que tienen su propia banda.

Iba a sus conciertos tanto como podía. Sabía que cantar era exactamente lo que quería hacer. Christina Aguilera era la favorita de Jess. Se enganchó a sus improvisaciones y su energía. Practicaba cantando su álbum "Back To Basics" todos los días. Descubrió su amor por la música de baile cuando empezó a trabajar con el conocido productor y compositor Rob Davis a los 18 años. Jess ha combinado su amor por el rock y el blues, el soul y la música pop para crear un sonido armonioso único.


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