Tony Vendder - Chicken

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Release: March 24, 2023
Electro DJ and producer Tony Vendder got back and drag us into his world again - with a singular electro track "CHICKEN".

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Tony Vendder is a French DJ and Electronic music producer of music, ( Civil name Anthony Coquelin ) electronic.
Tony Vendder started mixing for fun at the age of 16 and had his first production out when 21 years old.
Living as a DJ, touring Clubs, Bars, and Festivals all over France, the first bigger job came in 2011 when Tony (with his twin brother) was musically responsible for the Pride festival in Angers – the first time running and performing a big stage. Before ending up as a DJ Tony studied piano and that is still one of his passions, but he also likes pop and dance music. Over time – the piano has been swapped to a midi keyboard – and it is an advantage to being a DJ with piano skills. Tony Vendder's “home stage” is the Club L’insolite in Angers France where he takes all opportunities to collaborate, guest DJ’s especially in the Electro genre. Tony Vendder's first song out on TDD is HOHOHO – Electro Party, a Christmas gimmick track!


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