Daniel Robu

Can't Get Over You

Release: February 14, 2017
Daniel Robu - a talented and charismatic Romanian singer, songwriter and record producer – keeps surprising us again with his new single "Can't Get Over You"!. Here are all the remixes.

Daniel Robu rose to fame in 1995 when he released his first studio album. He studied classical guitar, keyboards, composition, and canto. An integrated personality, he writes his own music and lyrics that give him a very motivating, creative freedom and a consistent style. He assimilated various styles, then he decided for pop dance, pop rock, and pop-soul.

Besides the solo EP's already released, ANOTHER END (1995), SCARED (1997), HOROSCOPE (2001), OXIGEN(2003), InTense(2006), TALK 2 ME(2011), Daniel has written and composed instrumental and film scores as well.

His professional development and his belief in true values keep him aside from the temptation of an easy success, his future plans aiming high. Singing live in concerts, working in recording studios with professionals of the music industry, touring in famous places make him being an open-minded person, easy to talk to and friendly.

After a period of time spent in the United States working in studios for major labels and artists, Daniel has released a new single "Can't Get Over You"

With fresh influences and a dynamic sound, but still, with a European spirit, the song inspires people both to freedom and insight. It tells us a universal story in which all of us can find ourselves at some point in life. The song talks about the battle between your present and future self, a creative struggle that takes you to new horizons. Who wins? Well, that's for you to discover.


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