Can't Stop Myself - [incl remixes]

Release: March 19, 2021
EN | ES INFO Jess Hayes along with Marster delivers a tune that sticks in your head right away - a potential summer hit! Do not miss the video to the song about the cleaning lady caught on a surveillance cam. Jess Hayes, junto con Marster, ofrece una melo


MARSTER describes his music as an electronic mix of dance and pop inspired by the ’90s with a taste of catchy melodies and touching vocals. MARSTER is a former music video director that worked close and emotionally with his projects and dreamed of creating his own music. It actually all started one day when he broke his leg and had to sit still for a couple of weeks. Suddenly he had a lot of time to try his music ideas and a couple of weeks later 4 songs were done. He really got the taste for it and continued and a couple of months later he had a record deal and a part of a song in a commercial. He describes his style as an electronic mix of dance music and pop with catchy melodies and touching vocals. #JessHayes, #Marster, #TDancedivision


MARSTER describe su música como una mezcla electrónica de dance y pop inspirada en los años 90 con melodías pegadizas y voces conmovedoras. MARSTER es un antiguo director de vídeos musicales que trabajaba estrechamente implicado con sus proyectos y soñaba con crear su propia música. En realidad, todo comenzó un día en que se rompió la pierna y tuvo que permanecer sentado durante un par de semanas. De repente tuvo mucho tiempo para probar sus ideas musicales y un par de semanas más tarde tenía 4 canciones hechas. Le tomó el gusto y continuó; un par de meses después tenía un contrato discográfico y una parte de una canción en un anuncio. Describe su estilo como una mezcla electrónica de música de baile y pop con melodías pegadizas y voces conmovedoras. #JessHayes, #Marster, #TDancedivision


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